Acorn Hog Roast

How we will accompany our tasty Hog Roast with sensational spring specials this Easter!

How we will accompany our tasty Hog Roast with sensational spring specials this Easter!

With Spring approaching and the Easter break not too far away, many of us will be planning family get togethers and small celebrations with our loved one and friends. Planning ahead is essence to a successful soiree and here at Acorn Hog Roast we can help you achieve just that, avoiding most of the stresses usually attached to such an occasion .We are extremely proud of our slow cooked delicious Hog Roast, which can be accompanied by a range of sides to satisfy almost any palate. In this blog we are going to be talking about how we can add a real seasonal touch to your event catering!

Get the fruity taste of spring with the amazing apple sauce that we provide with our melt in your mouth meat, alongside sage and onion stuffing and crispy crackling. While adding a fruitful flavour to our hog roast, we also serve it on a large doughy flat bread from the North East of England called a ‘stottie’. This is our way of adding a sprinkle of our local heritage to our tasty meat!

We can provide a range of condiments and sides at your request such as mint sauce and salads .Imagine how tasty and appetising the mix of freshly baked bread filled with the delicious combination of salad and sliced pork with an apple sauce addition.  The choices of additions you could make are endless and we are here to cater for to your desires!

Vegetarians need not worry we can cater for them with our vegetarian Quorn Roast option and add choices of salads and pastas which are usually popular to extend their options. The fresh Spring berries can provide delicious mouth-watering healthy desserts both hot and cold to finish off your meal. Think of gorgeous freshly made crumbles served with custard or cream or alternatively use the berries cold to decorate crispy meringues topped with thick pouring cream.

Offering the choices of beautiful, appetising and tempting healthy options instead of the usual chocolate that surrounds us in the form of Easter Eggs at this time of year, will be welcomed and appreciated by most guests at your spring get together!