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Our Tips for Events in the Sun

Our Tips for Events in the Sun

During the Summer months we often get mixed weather but there is always a chance of sun. When holding events at this time of year, you should always prepare for different weather possibilities, scorching heat and sunshine being one of them. Whether it’s safety or making the most of the sun, there will always be something to consider. In this blog we are going to be offering some top tips for holding your event in the sun!

Guest Safety

For any event organiser, the safety of guests always has to be a priority. A great way to take care of your guests is stocking up on sun cream, so that you can offer it out to anyone who needs some protection. You could also invest in shade solutions such as a parasols or a gazebo to give people the opportunity to take a break from the intense heat.

Taking Full Advantage

With the lack of sunshine that we get at times, people love to get out in the fresh air on a summer’s day. If it’s looking like the weather is going to be great on the day of your event, why not make the most of it! You can enjoy getting the sun loungers out and serving ice creams to enable your event attendees to take full advantage of the heat.

Quick snacks

When an event is being held outdoors during summer, guests are more likely to enjoy a quick snack rather than a potentially stuffy sit-down meal indoors. With our hog roast facility, we can provide your guests with delicious pulled pork sandwiches to ensure a quick yet tasty meal which will keep everyone well fed for the day.

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