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The Stottie Cake: A North East Favourite

The Stottie Cake: A North East Favourite

At Acorn Hog Roast we are incredibly proud of our North East routes and love to celebrate all that this great about this wonderful region. One way that we do this is by serving our amazing succulent pulled pork, in the traditional North East delicacy, the Stottie Cake! In this blog we are going to be sharing a great guide to this most famous of North East dishes.

For those of you who are unsure about what a stottie cake actually is, it is basically a flat disc of bread which is traditionally made out of leftover dough. This may seem like something that is fairly basic but Geordie’s are very proud to call it their own!

The word “Stottie” actually comes from the term “to stott” which in Geordie dialect means “to bounce.” When food hygiene standards weren’t so much of a big deal in society, the maker of the cake would bounce it on the floor to decide if it was the correct texture. If the cake didn’t bounce at all, it would be seen as a failure and not used.

A stottie cake always requires a tasty filling and with our hog roast, we can offer the perfect option to make for a supreme tasting experience. We cook each of our pigs slowly for 8 hours before serving, to ensure the meat will melt in your mouth. We couldn’t think of a better way to fill a stottie cake! If you are looking for alternative options, Egg, Bacon and Pease Pudding are other popular filling choices among lovers of the dish.

Whether you are someone from outside the North East who has never tried or even heard of a Stottie Cake or you haven’t had this regional favourite in years and want to enjoy a nostalgic experience, we would love to provide you with the chance to try our own offering of the dish!

If you are looking to find out how you could taste our delicious pulled pork in a stottie cake, visit our website or give us a call on 07513 919166.