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Our Favourite Fun Event Seating Ideas

Our Favourite Fun Event Seating Ideas

With the whole excitement that often surrounds events, sometimes your guests just need to take a seat! People enjoy a sit down whether it’s to eat a delicious meal or simply for a rest, so seating should be something you think about that bit extra. Why go for standard seating when you can make an impression with the seating options on offer at your event. In this blog we are going to be telling you about some of our favourite fun event seating ideas!

LED Furniture

In 2020 one of the biggest trends is set to be the introduction of LED furniture to events around the country. You can get tables, chairs, couches and more that have LED lighting integrated. This adds a real wow factor to your event, whilst brightening up the room and increasing style significantly.

Deck Chairs

For a quirky seating option, deck chairs create some brilliant opportunities. The addition of deck chairs to your event can create a relaxing feel whilst maintaining an interesting aesthetic for your guests to enjoy. If you are a business hosting a corporate event, you can even add branding to deck chairs. This will ensure people are reminded of your brand every time they go to take a seat.

Hay Bales

If your event is outdoors, we think that hay bales are the absolute perfect low-cost option for a quick sit down. Just imagine your guests being able to sit in the sunshine on a hay bale, whilst tucking into a tasty pulled pork sandwich. Hay Bales can be easily manoeuvred, making them a great option when it comes to the logistics side of things.

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