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Why Hog Roasts are so Popular

Why Hog Roasts are so Popular

Over the last few years, the number of people opting to have a hog roast at their event has risen dramatically. This old method for cooking pork is one which currently adds a special touch to events around the world, especially in this country. From small family gatherings to international corporate events, everyone is getting on board with the hog roast trend. In this blog we will be looking into the revival of the hog roast and what makes them so popular!

Outdoor Element

One big factor in Britain’s love for the hog roast is it’s perfect fit for outdoor events. As a nation we love to cook and eat in the fresh air with BBQ’s and buffets gracing many people’s parties. A hog roast can be cooked in an open outdoor space for everyone to enjoy the impressive view. When it’s time to taste results, the meat can be cut and served with ease. This all makes for an enjoyable catering experience.

Large Quantities

A great benefit of having a hog roast at any event is it’s size and capability to feed a large amount of guests. A 50kg pig can actually feed around 150 guests so no one goes hungry when there’s a hog roast at your event. If your event has less attendees than this then there will be plenty for seconds too. Having a whole pig also gives people the choice of cuts, whether they prefer the fatty belly or the meat from the legs.

Love of Pork

When it comes to the taste, what could be more delicious than succulent pulled pork which has come from a pig that’s been cooking for enough time to create that extra crispy crackling we all love! Pork is actually the planet’s popular meat, with it making up about 38 percent of worldwide meat production. Whilst it’s versatility does play a big part in the popularity of pork, this is simply a type of meat which tastes delicious making it a go-to for many.

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