Acorn Hog Roast

Delightful Desserts with Acorn Hog Roast

Delightful Desserts with Acorn Hog Roast

Here at Acorn Hog Roast we are known by many for our delicious hog roast option but it’s not just savoury treats that we can offer. With any event that we cater for, we can provide a range of delightful desserts from our menu. These desserts act as the perfect way to follow on from our mains and will ensure your guests leave the event extra happy! In this blog we are going to give you a taste of our desserts with a few favourites of ours.


New York Chocolate Cheesecake

What could be more delicious than cheesecake and chocolate together? This amazing dessert is the perfect option for anyone who has an extra sweet tooth. With it’s thick creamy layer of mouth-watering chocolate and crispy biscuit base, this is a chocoholics absolute dream!


Lemon Meringue

Is chocolate not really your thing? If you’re a lover of meringues, you simply cannot miss out on our Lemon Meringue dessert option. This is the ideal way to combine bitter and sweet to create a taste quite like no other. Our lemon Meringue comes with a Lemon Curd filling, accompanied with a fluffy Meringue topping to make for a dessert which bursts with flavour.


Victoria Sponge Cake

The Victoria Sponge Cake is a timeless classic in the world of desserts and has graced events for many years. This is the superior option for anyone looking for a safe and reliable dessert that everyone wants a slice of. This dessert was actually named after Queen Victoria as she was said to enjoy a slice of sponge cake with her afternoon tea, so if it’s good enough for royalty!


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