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Easing Of Lockdown Celebratory Offer

With many of the lockdown restrictions being lifted throughout the North East we are over the moon to see light at the end of the tunnel! In order to celebrate we have put together an offer where you and up to 50 guests can enjoy a divine hog roast!

With lockdown taking up just over 3 months of 2020, everyone will have missed out on birthdays or events! Now is the time to celebrate and make up for lost time. For groups of up to 50 people we are offering our delicious hog roast with all the trimmings!

This will include:

  • Crispy crackling
  • Homemade sage and onion stuffing
  • Fresh bread rolls
  • A selection of luxurious cake’s and gateaux’s

Wow! Now if that’s something you want then we can help! All of that incredible food for the amazing price of £495.00!

Our hog roasts are extremely popular; therefore, our diary is beginning to fill up again. We will cook outdoors in the open space so that everyone can still adhere to any of the government guidelines. With having a hog roast and pudding you won’t leave your guests hungry. Now is the perfect time to celebrate a birthday or have your friends and family round, whatever the occasion celebrate in style!

Pork is the planets most popular meat so why not make the most of this fantastic offer. We can cater for any event anywhere in the North East. For more information Give us a call on 07513 919166 or visit

A DIY Wedding after COVID-19

As we look forward to what’s ahead, wedding days are going to be huge and everyone is going to make the most of being around their loved ones! In some cases, it may be difficult to get exactly what you want but, that doesn’t mean your wedding can’t be what you dreamed of! So, in this blog we have outlined some ideas for a DIY Wedding!


  • Having photos taken is a great way of being able to look back on memories. So why not have a polaroid camera where your guests can take photos and have them printed out straight away. You could potentially have a scrapbook/ memories book next to the camera for guests to stick them in and leave a comment!
  • Chalk boards are a real stand out. Writing instructions on them, table names or seating plan. These are a lovely touch.
  • Write guest names on ribbons and tie around napkins. A simple but elegant touch and it means more room for centre pieces.
  • For those hot wedding days have your order of service made into a folded-up fan which can be unfolded to view the program.


Your wedding day is about celebrating and enjoying time with loved ones. You don’t need to spend tens of thousands of pounds to have an incredible day!


Here at Acorn Hog Roast we are on hand to help with your wedding catering needs when it is safe to return to a new normal. To get in touch call us on 07513 919166 or visit

Our Top Tips For Postponing Your Event

This Spring period has been like no other in recent history and this Summer is set to be impacted just as much. Events across the world have been unable to go ahead due to social distancing measures put in place to protect us all from the spread of Coronavirus. Whilst many events have had to be cancelled completely, if possible it is financially a much less damaging option to find another date for your event to go ahead. Read below to find out some of our top tips for postponing your event.


When postponing your event, it is absolutely essential that you remain transparent with your customers and attendees. You should put out an honest statement to people via social media and email. In this statement let people know exactly the reason behind your decision for postponement. This should ensure your brand maintains a good reputation, by making it clear to people that you are putting their safety first.

Making It Easy

If you do decide to postpone your event, you should ensure the whole process is simple for people however they choose to proceed. Make your contact details easily available so that people can get in touch with ease if they have any queries.  You should also ensure refunds are easily accessible for anyone who can’t make a new date. Then for people still wishing to attend, make everyone aware that their existing ticket will be valid. If anyone voices concerns about the inconveniences caused, it is always smart to offer them a discount or vouchers as a sign of you appreciating their cooperation.

Take Measures For Your New Date

Even after we are out the other side of the current world situation, society may be a very different place. Events in the future may be required to put a range of measures in place to ensure maximum hygiene standards. You should order extra hand sanitizing products and other hygiene products to help maintain your attendees’ peace of mind.


At Acorn Hog Roast we are more than happy to cover your catering needs for your rearranged date. To get in touch call us on 07513 919166 or visit

How We Achieve Our Delicious Pulled Pork Sandwiches

At just about every event that we ever attend, we are complemented on just how tasty our pulled pork sandwiches are. We take great pride in ensuring we offer catering to keep your guests happy and this meal is a key part of that experience. In this blog we are going to let you in on how exactly we achieve the delicious taste of our pulled pork sandwiches.

Going The Extra Mile
Here at Acorn Hog Roast, we always go the extra mile to ensure our pulled pork is as tasty as possible. That’s why we roast our pigs for 8 hours before every event. This ensures the most tender and succulent meat to create an amazing eating experience. This also creates extra crispy crackling to complement the dish perfectly. We even make sure all our meat used is British and locally sourced by an independent butcher.

Everyone knows that to achieve the perfect sandwich, you need a good bun too! We can provide a range of fantastic options including white flowered rolls, brown rolls and seeded rolls. We also offer one of the most loved North East dishes, the Stottie Cake! You can find out more about this local delicacy by reading our past blog at

We are proud to offer a range of tasty sides that are ideal to enjoy with your pulled pork sandwich. Our sides include homemade apple sauce, homemade stuffing, caramelised onions, salad, roast potatoes, chips and gravy. These sides can transform a quick sandwich into a scrumptious filling meal.

Acorn Hog Roast are on hand to ensure your event can feed guests effectively with a range of amazing catering options. To find out more get in touch by calling us on 07513 919166 or visit

Our Latest Menu Additions

We were recently delighted to update our menu with some brand-new options and more delicious food than ever! Throughout 2020 we are going to be catering for events throughout the North East, as more people get to enjoy our first-class catering services. Below we let you in on some of our latest menu additions!


Veggie Options

In the modern day it is becoming increasingly popular for people to be conscious about what they eat. Vegetarian diets are a choice for many these days and for that reason, we are proud to have created a special, tasty veggie dish. This meal consists of Halloumi and Vegetable Skewers, served with pitta bread, hummus, salad and balsamic dressing. We also have other vegan and gluten free options available.

Kids Meals

We cater regularly for events where children are present, so it made great sense to include some specific kids meal options on our menu. Our kids menu includes chicken nuggets, sausages and chips. We know that kids can be fussy with food so we have added these choices that we think a vast majority of children will like at least one of. We can also offer other food upon request.

Meal Alternatives

Whilst our hog roast is the most popular meal we serve, we know that a range of catering options is always ideal to keep your guests happy. That’s why we can offer a number of meal alternatives such as cooked breakfast rolls, burgers, hotdogs and much more.

Read about our many dessert options on offer at


If you are holding an event and are looking for quality catering solutions, Acorn Hog Roast are on hand to feed your guests! For more information give us a call on 07513 919166 or visit

Our Favourite Fun Event Seating Ideas

With the whole excitement that often surrounds events, sometimes your guests just need to take a seat! People enjoy a sit down whether it’s to eat a delicious meal or simply for a rest, so seating should be something you think about that bit extra. Why go for standard seating when you can make an impression with the seating options on offer at your event. In this blog we are going to be telling you about some of our favourite fun event seating ideas!

LED Furniture

In 2020 one of the biggest trends is set to be the introduction of LED furniture to events around the country. You can get tables, chairs, couches and more that have LED lighting integrated. This adds a real wow factor to your event, whilst brightening up the room and increasing style significantly.

Deck Chairs

For a quirky seating option, deck chairs create some brilliant opportunities. The addition of deck chairs to your event can create a relaxing feel whilst maintaining an interesting aesthetic for your guests to enjoy. If you are a business hosting a corporate event, you can even add branding to deck chairs. This will ensure people are reminded of your brand every time they go to take a seat.

Hay Bales

If your event is outdoors, we think that hay bales are the absolute perfect low-cost option for a quick sit down. Just imagine your guests being able to sit in the sunshine on a hay bale, whilst tucking into a tasty pulled pork sandwich. Hay Bales can be easily manoeuvred, making them a great option when it comes to the logistics side of things.

Here at Acorn Hog Roast, we look forward to offering our catering services at events throughout the year. For information on the services we can provide, call us on 07513 919166 or visit

A Look into the History of Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork has been around for many years and has become a real favourite dish around the world. As event catering experts, we get to see on a regular basis how popular pulled pork has become over this time. This particular serving of pork has an interesting history so in this blog, we thought that it would be fantastic to take a trip back in time!

Humble Beginnings

With our modern hog roasts, we slowly cook the pork to create the most delicious tenderness. This process of smoking pork was first created when Spanish settlers first arrived in the United States. They watched natives building a smoky fire underneath their game and took notice of how the process kept bugs away and preserved the meat. This is known to be the earliest version of a barbeque. With the migration of Africans and Europeans to the South of America, cooking pigs in this way became increasingly popular because of the low cost and easy maintenance.

American Delicacy

In America’s Southern states, cooking and eating pulled pork has become a much-loved tradition. Pulled pork is even more of a delicacy in the Carolinas specifically. In this part of the world they also have a passion for all things barbeque. That’s why you will often find barbeque sauce with pulled pork.

Modern Popularity

Over time the popularity of pulled pork has spread around the world and into lives of many. Pulled pork sandwiches are the most common variation of the dish these days. We are always met with delight when we arrive at events with our hog roast facilities. To perfectly complement our pulled pork sandwiches, we offer sides including apple sauce, caramelised onions and roast potatoes.

For information on our event catering services here at Acorn Hog Roast, give us a call on 07513 919166 or visit

How to Best Deal with Rainy Events

In our last blog we looked at events in the sun and how to plan for them, you can read that blog at . In true Autumn fashion, we decided that we should follow that by starting to look at some event tips for those dreaded rainy days! In this blog we are going to be telling you how you can best deal with rain at your event.

Keeping Dry

Whilst some tough cookies may be able to enjoy an event whatever the weather, some people just want to keep dry! An ideal solution for any outdoor event is to either giveaway or sell waterproof ponchos to attendees. Another idea for an event with a slightly larger budget would be theme-park style cyclone dryers. These dryers can dry you within just a few minutes, so a bit of bad weather won’t be able to dampen spirits.

Running for Cover

When the heavens open, it is always beneficial to have somewhere people can get some quick cover. The addition of a marquee or even a small gazebo will be a perfect option. To make sure people aren’t missing out on any entertainment, you could have a DJ playing from the area. This will mean people can carry on enjoying themselves just as much as they would elsewhere.

Catering Logistics

If you have catering or a sit-down meal at your event, you should always plan for the possibility of rain. Even if you plan to dish out the food in an outdoor space, it would be smart to have an indoor plan B where guests can enjoy their meal. A market-style catering tent is also a great solution if you want to create an experience under cover where guests can find the perfect food.

Here at Acorn Hog Roast we can cover your event catering needs, come rain or shine. For more information give us a call on 07513 919166 or visit

Our Tips for Events in the Sun

During the Summer months we often get mixed weather but there is always a chance of sun. When holding events at this time of year, you should always prepare for different weather possibilities, scorching heat and sunshine being one of them. Whether it’s safety or making the most of the sun, there will always be something to consider. In this blog we are going to be offering some top tips for holding your event in the sun!

Guest Safety

For any event organiser, the safety of guests always has to be a priority. A great way to take care of your guests is stocking up on sun cream, so that you can offer it out to anyone who needs some protection. You could also invest in shade solutions such as a parasols or a gazebo to give people the opportunity to take a break from the intense heat.

Taking Full Advantage

With the lack of sunshine that we get at times, people love to get out in the fresh air on a summer’s day. If it’s looking like the weather is going to be great on the day of your event, why not make the most of it! You can enjoy getting the sun loungers out and serving ice creams to enable your event attendees to take full advantage of the heat.

Quick snacks

When an event is being held outdoors during summer, guests are more likely to enjoy a quick snack rather than a potentially stuffy sit-down meal indoors. With our hog roast facility, we can provide your guests with delicious pulled pork sandwiches to ensure a quick yet tasty meal which will keep everyone well fed for the day.

For more information on our event catering service and how we could cater for your Summer event, call us on 07513 919166 or visit

Our Favourite Wedding Table Theme Ideas

When planning your wedding reception, your seating plan is one factor which can take a lot of thought to get right. Ensuring certain groups of people are seated appropriately can be a stressful task but there is one way of making the tables much more fun. This is by creating an overall theme with the different tables named accordingly. In this blog we are going to be taking you through some of our favourite wedding reception table theme ideas.

Music Themed

A great way to personalise your seating plan is to have it based on the music which you love! You can name different tables after your favourite bands, with colours and styles varying depending on the branding of each band. For example, you could have a table which is Beatles themed, with bright colours to give off a “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band” vibe. You could then also leave wigs on the table so that your guests can have some fun doing their best impressions of the fab four!

Dog Breeds

As a nation of dog lovers, most of your guests will enjoy a table plan based on the different breeds of man’s best friend! A great way to customize each table is by finding your favourite pooch pictures to be placed in the middle. You could also give your guests small goodie bags with gifts following the theme of the dog breeds.

Different Eras

One fun table theme which we love is the idea of having each table based on a different era. A great way to implement this theme is by placing newspapers from the different eras on the tables with articles from famous events of that time. A WW2 themed table could include newspapers from the day Britain won the war. Whilst a 1960’s themed table could include the headlines from when England won the world cup!


Here at Acorn Hog Roast we are proud to cater for a range of events around the North East. For more information on our catering service call us on 07513 919166 or visit