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Hold your own royal wedding with our help.

We absolutely loved the royal wedding, with it’s incredible diversity, it was an occasion to remember! After watching the wedding unfold, it made us think, why can’t everyone’s wedding be as amazing as this one was! We decided to share our thoughts,on how you make your wedding fit for royalty on a budget!

The first important step in making your wedding a truly royal occasion, is to work on ensuring your special day oozes class throughout. Meghan Markle was a perfect example of how there is no need to go overboard with the dress. By keeping your choice of dress simple, along with hair and makeup, you can make a much classier statement. The same goes for the groom, keep it low key!

Our second tip would be to take inspiration from Harry and Meghan’s day and incorporate different cultural influences. You could for example, have a variety of retro music that mixes classical British music, with Latin or African American music from days gone by. One of our favourite moments from the day was the tear jerking gospel choir. Why not hire your own gospel choir or singer, to give people goose bumps and keep the romantic vibes flowing!

A key to any wedding reception, is the catering! This is where you could really go with the royal tradition of using British food only. We pride ourselves on our use of British produce, so why not allow us to give that patriotic touch to your day! Your guests will get a real taste of Britain with our delicious hog roast, which is locally sourced by an independent butcher and roasted six hours before the event to ensure the meat is extra tender and produces crispy crackling. You could then accompany our succulent meat, with roast potatoes and gravy, to add the extra touch of British tradition.

When it comes to dessert, a fitting royal tribute would be to pay homage to one of our greatest ever monarchs, with a Victoria Sponge cake. This classic sweet treat was actually one of Queen Victoria’s favourite snacks, which she would often enjoy with her afternoon tea. With these simple yet quintessentially British main and desert dishes, even the most awkward of guests are bound to enjoy their meal!

For more information on how we could provide you with our first class catering services on your special day, visit or give us a call on 07513 919166.

The benefits of holding your event outdoors

We cover a huge range of events across the North East, and the summer time is a particularly busy time of year for us. During the summer, we provide our catering services to a lot of events which are held outdoors. For multiple reasons, an outdoor event can be much more appealing to your guests. In this blog, we are going to be discussing some of the various reasons for holding your event outside this summer!


Whether you are holding a huge event like a wedding, or a small family gathering, space is a main factor in ensuring your event goes swimmingly. At any event, you can often find children running around and playing. By having a large outdoor space, the kids have plenty of area to be kids! With this extra space, you are also able to have your guests spread out and even leave room for a catering area. This could be where we are situated, supplying your guests with our famous hog roast! Another use of space could be for entertainment purposes. There is a huge range of entertainment ideas that would require a large area. Whether it be, a stage for bands or an outdoor cinema, having the option of holding your entertainment outdoors gives you so many more choices!


During the rest of the year, when it is rainy and cold, we can understand why you may want to stay in the warmth… but when it’s those few months where we get our supply of sunshine for the year, it would seem a shame to waste it! Who wants to be stuck inside, feeling hot and bothered, when they could be in the fresh air, enjoying the weather in all its glory. Hold your event outdoors and ensure your guests can fell the benefits of the sun and not the negatives!


It is a well known fact that we all just happen to love food! So, whatever type of event you are holding, people are going to get hungry, and starved guests is not going to make for a good atmosphere! Having an event in a confined space, could make it difficult if you are trying to feed a large number of guests, as people need plenty of room to eat. The choice of food at your event is vital, to keeping your guests happy. With the event catering services of Acorn Hog Roast, everyone will have the pleasure of tasting our amazing hog roast, along with a number of different alternative dishes and desserts. We are have a wealth of experience in the events sector and know exactly how to please event goers. After enjoying the experience of our catering, your guests will be left delighted and will have seen your event as a roaring success!


For more information on how we can compliment your event with our first class catering service, visit: or call us on 07513 919166.

Go the extra mile to celebrate your sports team’s achievements with an amazing meal!

If you coach a sports team, you will know how hard your players work for the full season and that they deserve a break occasionally! This is why it is essential that you add an extra touch of enjoyment to your annual presentation to help your team feel appreciated. We provide catering for a huge variety of occasions and have the experience and knowledge to entertain your team with a meal they’ll never forget! Of course, the main attraction of our event catering is our delicious hog roast, which is the perfect feast to feed a full team. Plus, our hog roast is full of protein, giving your players the boost they need. Our succulent pulled pork is sure to go down well with your hungry players!


We also offer a range of alternative food options for those with different tastes. Other dishes that we serve include burgers, chips, hot dogs and much more. A suggestion from us would be to have awards or entertainment such as a band, after your players have enjoyed their meal. After this short break in eating, your team and guests will be more than ready to devour some delicious deserts! We have a great reputation for our amazing deserts. Our sweet treats vary, from apple pie and lemon cake, to strawberry gateaux and chocolate fudge cake. We can even tailor for your taste and provide alternative deserts that you may desire; Just Inform us of what you’d like, and we can cater for your needs!


After the great treat of a lovely meal and what will end up being an amazing presentation, your team will be extremely full and delighted with their night. They’ll be ready to do it all over again at the end of the next season!


For further information on Acorn Hog Roast visit our website: or call us on 07513 919166.

How we will accompany our tasty Hog Roast with sensational spring specials this Easter!

With Spring approaching and the Easter break not too far away, many of us will be planning family get togethers and small celebrations with our loved one and friends. Planning ahead is essence to a successful soiree and here at Acorn Hog Roast we can help you achieve just that, avoiding most of the stresses usually attached to such an occasion .We are extremely proud of our slow cooked delicious Hog Roast, which can be accompanied by a range of sides to satisfy almost any palate. In this blog we are going to be talking about how we can add a real seasonal touch to your event catering!

Get the fruity taste of spring with the amazing apple sauce that we provide with our melt in your mouth meat, alongside sage and onion stuffing and crispy crackling. While adding a fruitful flavour to our hog roast, we also serve it on a large doughy flat bread from the North East of England called a ‘stottie’. This is our way of adding a sprinkle of our local heritage to our tasty meat!

We can provide a range of condiments and sides at your request such as mint sauce and salads .Imagine how tasty and appetising the mix of freshly baked bread filled with the delicious combination of salad and sliced pork with an apple sauce addition.  The choices of additions you could make are endless and we are here to cater for to your desires!

Vegetarians need not worry we can cater for them with our vegetarian Quorn Roast option and add choices of salads and pastas which are usually popular to extend their options. The fresh Spring berries can provide delicious mouth-watering healthy desserts both hot and cold to finish off your meal. Think of gorgeous freshly made crumbles served with custard or cream or alternatively use the berries cold to decorate crispy meringues topped with thick pouring cream.

Offering the choices of beautiful, appetising and tempting healthy options instead of the usual chocolate that surrounds us in the form of Easter Eggs at this time of year, will be welcomed and appreciated by most guests at your spring get together!

Top Outdoor Wedding Themes

Outdoor weddings have become increasingly popular over the years and we can see why! With so many themes to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice. Here are the most popular outdoor wedding themes.

Garden Wedding

This theme brings the delicate touch of flowers together with the outdoors. Stripping back your traditional glitzy big wedding, a Garden theme introduces white’s and foliage for a natural looking ceremony. Candle light is often used to bring the perfect neutral atmosphere. Wooden features are incorporated to match the theme and flowers can be used as table decorations and over all décor accents.

Farm Wedding

A Farm theme is ideal for weddings held in all seasons. It has different categories such as, a classic style that combines the elegance and simplicity of a farm along with traditional aspects such as hay bales, tractors, wooden sheds and farm animals. If you are looking for something more contemporary take a look at the introduction of modern touches such as fairy lights, a marquee and tables and chairs.

Finding your perfect catering for your outdoor wedding can be a challenge… Most providers only work with an onsite kitchen which weddings outside do not have. That’s where we are different. Here at Acorn Hog Roast, we have the facilities to cater for your outdoor wedding with no hassle. We have our own portable Hog Roast van where we make our delicious food. No matter the location we can provide first class catering for you and your guests.

For more information please call us on 07513 919166 or visit our website to find out more about our services:

Your Local Event Caterer

Here at Acorn Hog Roast, we pride ourselves on being a family run business with over 25 years’ experience in the industry. We are your local event caterer!

Over the years we have travelled the UK providing our first-class Hog Roast to all types of events. From weddings and birthdays, to Christmas parties and Christenings, we can provide delicious food for your event.

We are based in Darlington and are registered with the Darlington Borough Council meaning you can trust us to provide an amazing and reliable service for your party.

One thing that makes us different here at Acorn Hog Roast, is our food produce. Our main aim is to provide mouth-watering food but also support the local community, which is why we only use British produce from local farms. Plus, we also use Organic foods when possible due to their high quality, we make sure to provide not just the best service but the best food too!

To create our delicious Hog Roast, we cook each pig slowly for a period of 8 hours in our purpose-built hog roast ovens and then serve the succulent meat with apple sauce, sage and onion stuffing and very crispy crackling. We can serve our hog roast on a large Stottie, or a white floured roll, you decide.

So, if you are looking for an out of the ordinary event caterer, get in touch with Acorn Hog Roast! We can provide for a wide range of events indoor or outdoor. To request a quote, please call 07513 919166 or visit our website for more info:

Plan for Your Christmas Events!

Christmas is the main party period of the year when lots of family and friends get together to celebrate the Season. But remember to plan ahead, now is the ideal time to start preparing for your Christmas events…

Whether you are looking to hold a small family gathering, or a large event. You need the perfect catering to make your party run smoothly. That’s where Acorn Hog Roast can match your specifications!

We understand holding your own event can be a stressful situation no matter how many people attend, that’s why our focus is to make sure everyone’s needs are met. Our large range of catering services mean no matter what your dietary requirements are, we can provide the same great experience for everyone.

Our succulent Hog Roast is served with a range of sides such as, Homemade Stuffing and Apple Sauce, Caramelised Onions, Roast Potato’s and lashings of Gravy. But we understand Hog Roast isn’t for everyone which is why we also have a vegetarian Quorn roast option, plus we can serve other specialities such as Burgers, Hotdogs and chips on request.

To finish off our catering experience we also offer a range of beautiful desserts such as, Luxury Chocolate Cake, Caramel Apple Pie and Strawberry gateaux to name a small selection.

We can bring large events together by providing our Hog Roast for up to 300 people! Plus, we can also attend parties inside or outside as we have a fully functional marquee for outdoor festivities.

So, if you are looking for the perfect caterers for your Christmas event – Choose Acorn Hog Roast!

For more details on our services and to request a quote please call 07513 919166 or visit our website:

Helping Make Your Corporate Event a Success.

We understand when running a corporate event everything must be perfect, that’s why we offer the ideal catering service for your event. Look outside the box for your next corporate event and choose Acorn Hog Roast!

With a large business event comes great responsibility to make everything run smoothly. Let Acorn Hog Roast handle your catering and take the weight off your shoulders. We can offer our services for small or large events, catering for up to 300 people. We also cover areas up and down the North East and so can travel to your business premises.

We offer a wide range of food to match everyone’s tastes, including our succulent 8 hour roasted pork which can with served with our home-made apple sauce, stuffing, caramelised onions and gravy. But we understand, hog roast isn’t for everyone which is why we can also offer burgers, hot dogs and chips etc. on request. We can cater for all dietary requirements meaning everyone’s needs are looked after and everyone is happy!

So, if you are looking for professional catering for your corporate event, look no further than Acorn Hog Roast. Contact us on 07973 371917 to request your quote and to find out more information. Or visit our website:


What You Need for A Great Summer Party!

With Summer days already here, it’s the perfect time to start planning your Summer party and make the most of the outdoors. But what makes a great party?

The venue

As the weather is much warmer, an outside venue is perfect. Whether it be a big venue or simply a small get-together in your garden. Picking the right venue and making it your own is important. Remember it’s all in the decoration!

The Entertainment

When considering the entertainment, you need to think about the guests that are attending. If families are coming you need to consider entertainment the whole family will enjoy, such as party games. If it’s an all adult party a more relaxed atmosphere is needed so maybe look into a singer or band.

The Food

Make your event stand out by hiring a Hog Roast to cater for your party! It adds a quirky touch and it means your guests can choose when they want to eat. Not only that but you are saved the hassle of catering.

Here at Acorn Hog Roast, we can take the stress out of your party and can serve up to 300 guests with a succulent Hog Roast. We understand hog roasts are not to everyone’s tastes which is why we also have a vegetarian option and offer food such as burgers, hotdogs and chips.

Acorn Hog Roast are local spit roast specialists that serve the whole of the North East. To enquire about your event, contact Acorn Hog Roast on 07513 919166 or visit our website:


Think Outside the Box and Hire Acorn Hog Roast for Your Wedding!

When it comes to weddings, everyone has their ideas for the venue, outfits and transport but catering is a highly debatable area, with many types of food to choose from here’s why you should choose a Hog Roast!

Perfect for Outdoor Weddings

If you are looking at having an outdoor wedding whether in a marquee, tipi or even in a field we are the perfect mobile caterers for you. We have a Hog Roast van which has all the facilities to make our succulent pulled pork. The van can be put anywhere around your wedding venue and we can serve all the guests from there.

Peace of Mind

When having your wedding breakfast, it can be a stressful time especially if you have table service, everyone must wait for the food to arrive. There’s also the worry that the food is going to be cold due to the wait and it can also be a much more formal atmosphere. With a Hog Roast, all your guests can decide when they want to eat and can choose exactly what they want there and then. There is no chance of the food being cold because you receive your food straight away it’s also great for a casual atmosphere and people can please themselves.

Perfectly Quirky

If you are thinking about having your own style wedding, Hog Roasts can be a great addition to your individual style. Not only do they provide a great twist on traditional but they look great too. Plus, they are perfectly on trend right now.

Acorn Hog Roast are local spit roast specialists that serve the whole of the North East. They have many years’ experience and can supply catering to small or large events. Catering up to 300 people they are perfect for weddings and have vegetarian options so all guests are catered for.

To enquire about your event, contact Acorn Hog Roast on 07513 919166