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Advantages of Holding your Event Indoors

Advantages of Holding your Event Indoors

Here at Acorn Hog Roast we take great pride in catering for a wide range of events. Whilst we attend a lot of outdoor events, we also have a special love for the atmosphere that can be created at indoor events. In this blog we will be talking about some of the advantages which you can be excited about when holding your event indoors!

With an event which is held indoors, you have a lot more options when it comes to venues and the facilities they can offer. With an indoor venue there may be also be less equipment you’ll have to worry about renting or setting up. When it comes to lighting and sound equipment, you will find that many venues can supply it at no extra cost.

Whether we like it or not the weather tends to have a huge impact on events in this country and it isn’t always positive. A lot of planning has to be put in place when holding an event outdoors and this can be quite stressful. By holding your event under cover, you are avoiding this extra stress, also giving you more time to focus on the things which will make your event a success!

Sit-down Meal
Our favourite part of any indoor event is the sit-down meals we can help organise! We offer a full menu of delicious sides to go alongside our signature hog roast. These options include stuffing, roast potatoes, salad and more. Our desserts menu is also to die for, with treats such as Chocolate Fudge Cake and Caramel Apple Pie.

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