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A Look into the History of Pulled Pork

A Look into the History of Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork has been around for many years and has become a real favourite dish around the world. As event catering experts, we get to see on a regular basis how popular pulled pork has become over this time. This particular serving of pork has an interesting history so in this blog, we thought that it would be fantastic to take a trip back in time!

Humble Beginnings

With our modern hog roasts, we slowly cook the pork to create the most delicious tenderness. This process of smoking pork was first created when Spanish settlers first arrived in the United States. They watched natives building a smoky fire underneath their game and took notice of how the process kept bugs away and preserved the meat. This is known to be the earliest version of a barbeque. With the migration of Africans and Europeans to the South of America, cooking pigs in this way became increasingly popular because of the low cost and easy maintenance.

American Delicacy

In America’s Southern states, cooking and eating pulled pork has become a much-loved tradition. Pulled pork is even more of a delicacy in the Carolinas specifically. In this part of the world they also have a passion for all things barbeque. That’s why you will often find barbeque sauce with pulled pork.

Modern Popularity

Over time the popularity of pulled pork has spread around the world and into lives of many. Pulled pork sandwiches are the most common variation of the dish these days. We are always met with delight when we arrive at events with our hog roast facilities. To perfectly complement our pulled pork sandwiches, we offer sides including apple sauce, caramelised onions and roast potatoes.

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