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Month: August 2021

The Most Popular Types Of Party Venues

Are you planning an event? Whether it be a christening, birthday party, wedding, anniversary or sport event you need a venue that will hold all of your guests and have all of the features that you desire. Once you have a venue picked, all of the other items you need to organise such as decoration will fall into place as you can vision where everything is going to go. There are a wide range of venue types that you can choose form and it is important to choose the right venue based on your event.

Below we have provided you with some of the different venue types you could consider for you event…

Conference Centre
While hotels can be lavish and have onsite accommodation a conference centre will provide you with an enormous amount of space. They are also always close to accommodation so that should never be an issue and sometimes there are onsite suites. You will have space for hundreds of guests and more meaning you can split the room into different sections. You could have a dining area, dance floor, games section, bar and much more all under one roof!

Barns aren’t just for animals, in recent times some of the most stylish and luxury weddings and parties have been in barns creating a rustic charm to the event. You can add modern touches to the venue and be away from the hustle and bustle of towns and cities. Plus, with a barn or country party you have the added bonus of the most stunning backdrops.

In the height of summer there is nothing better than enjoying delicious food and the company of your friends and family outdoors in the sunshine. Add to the event by surrounding you and your guests with fresh foliage and gorgeous flowers. Having the flowers and greenery will mean less cost for you, as technically, you won’t need to decorate as much.

Stately Home
Have you always dreamed of hosting your very own party in your home but it’s not big enough? Have you considered hosting a party at a stately home/ mansion? Renting/ hiring a venue like this will allow you and your guests to use all amenities such as the pool and the grounds surrounding the house.

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