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Month: July 2021

Steps To Follow When Organising Your Wedding!

Your wedding day is one of the most magical days of your life! It is a day where you have your family and friends around you and you, and your partner celebrate the love you have for each other. As caterers, we understand that preparing for a big event such as your wedding can be extremely stressful. Therefore, we have provided you with a number of steps to follow to make the build-up to your wedding as stress free as possible.

Set A Realistic Budget
The first thing many people think of is the budget and how expensive a wedding can be. Plan out how much you have to spend on each aspect of your wedding. Start with the larger items such as catering as you have all your guests to feed and then work down to smaller items such as the finer details like chair covers, ribbons and table numbers. Not planning a wedding budget can cause a lot of stress later on down the line as you get closer to your wedding as your suppliers start asking for you to pay the full amount or the second half of your payments.

Choose Your Theme
There is no doubt that from the moment you get engaged you will be looking for different wedding inspiration. After hours of scrolling through social media and Pinterest, it’ll become clear what style of wedding you are looking for. You may choose a few colours as the theme of your wedding, or you may have a full theme such as black tie that you base your wedding around. Knowing what theme, you are going for will make it easier for you to order from suppliers as they will have something to base your products off. However, one piece of advice we would like to give you- once you have chosen a theme, stick to it as once you change things will become unclear and you won’t be sure which theme you prefer.

Finding The Venue
Don’t just look at one single venue. Look at a few different locations as this will allow you to get a feel for what you like and don’t like. Visit places you wouldn’t normally consider. You can look at hotels and spas, wedding barns, rural locations and a whole host of other locations. Your wedding venue will also help to determine your date and how many guests you can invite. From the very start, it is important that you make it clear what you both would like so that you can meet in the middle or if you have the same dream find somewhere you both love!

Choose Your Wedding Party
Many people instantly know who they would like their maid of honour, bridesmaids, best man and groomsmen to be. However, some take a little time to think about it. Don’t feel rushed into your decision and think carefully about who the best support to you on the run will be up to your wedding and on your special day. When considering your wedding party you may want to factor into your budget outfits, gifts, bouquets and everything else you need your entourage to have on the big day.

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