Acorn Hog Roast

Month: February 2021

Tips to Throwing an Amazing Party in 2021

After spending the best part of 2020 at home, a lot of events and parties have been cancelled. There is a lot of catching up to do in 2021 and events are going to be bigger and better than ever! If you throw one big party or a few small get-togethers we can cater for all your needs.

This blog will cover the main factors that will make your parties in 2021 memorable.

Whether you are having a large-scale event or a small gathering, food quality is vital to your guests having a great time. This is where Acorn Hog Roast prosper, we cater to all your needs for a variety of events displayed on our event packages page. We are a mobile catering company that cater for a large number of locations throughout the North East and can bring the tasty roast to you. We also offer a range of other foods such as cooked breakfast rolls, hot dogs, burgers and chips. Plus, we have a wide range of dessert options too such as New York chocolate cheesecake, caramel apple pie, luxury chocolate fudge cake and much more.

Music can be the life and soul of a party and will bring everyone together. Making sure you have the right playlist that everyone can enjoy is essential. You could ask your guests what their favourite music is in advance, or you could hire a DJ. Many will determine if a party is good or not due to the music, so this is an important factor.

Hosting a party with no agenda is tough, you aim to achieve an amazing, fun party where your guests are getting involved and having a great time. Why not try to have activities for everyone, such as dancing, outdoor activities and if appropriate beer pong or other drinking games.

If you would like us to cater for one of your events, we have an event packages and areas we cover page. If you would like more information, please contact us on 07513 919166