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Month: March 2020

How We Achieve Our Delicious Pulled Pork Sandwiches

At just about every event that we ever attend, we are complemented on just how tasty our pulled pork sandwiches are. We take great pride in ensuring we offer catering to keep your guests happy and this meal is a key part of that experience. In this blog we are going to let you in on how exactly we achieve the delicious taste of our pulled pork sandwiches.

Going The Extra Mile
Here at Acorn Hog Roast, we always go the extra mile to ensure our pulled pork is as tasty as possible. That’s why we roast our pigs for 8 hours before every event. This ensures the most tender and succulent meat to create an amazing eating experience. This also creates extra crispy crackling to complement the dish perfectly. We even make sure all our meat used is British and locally sourced by an independent butcher.

Everyone knows that to achieve the perfect sandwich, you need a good bun too! We can provide a range of fantastic options including white flowered rolls, brown rolls and seeded rolls. We also offer one of the most loved North East dishes, the Stottie Cake! You can find out more about this local delicacy by reading our past blog at

We are proud to offer a range of tasty sides that are ideal to enjoy with your pulled pork sandwich. Our sides include homemade apple sauce, homemade stuffing, caramelised onions, salad, roast potatoes, chips and gravy. These sides can transform a quick sandwich into a scrumptious filling meal.

Acorn Hog Roast are on hand to ensure your event can feed guests effectively with a range of amazing catering options. To find out more get in touch by calling us on 07513 919166 or visit

Our Latest Menu Additions

We were recently delighted to update our menu with some brand-new options and more delicious food than ever! Throughout 2020 we are going to be catering for events throughout the North East, as more people get to enjoy our first-class catering services. Below we let you in on some of our latest menu additions!


Veggie Options

In the modern day it is becoming increasingly popular for people to be conscious about what they eat. Vegetarian diets are a choice for many these days and for that reason, we are proud to have created a special, tasty veggie dish. This meal consists of Halloumi and Vegetable Skewers, served with pitta bread, hummus, salad and balsamic dressing. We also have other vegan and gluten free options available.

Kids Meals

We cater regularly for events where children are present, so it made great sense to include some specific kids meal options on our menu. Our kids menu includes chicken nuggets, sausages and chips. We know that kids can be fussy with food so we have added these choices that we think a vast majority of children will like at least one of. We can also offer other food upon request.

Meal Alternatives

Whilst our hog roast is the most popular meal we serve, we know that a range of catering options is always ideal to keep your guests happy. That’s why we can offer a number of meal alternatives such as cooked breakfast rolls, burgers, hotdogs and much more.

Read about our many dessert options on offer at


If you are holding an event and are looking for quality catering solutions, Acorn Hog Roast are on hand to feed your guests! For more information give us a call on 07513 919166 or visit