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Month: June 2019

Our Favourite Wedding Table Theme Ideas

When planning your wedding reception, your seating plan is one factor which can take a lot of thought to get right. Ensuring certain groups of people are seated appropriately can be a stressful task but there is one way of making the tables much more fun. This is by creating an overall theme with the different tables named accordingly. In this blog we are going to be taking you through some of our favourite wedding reception table theme ideas.

Music Themed

A great way to personalise your seating plan is to have it based on the music which you love! You can name different tables after your favourite bands, with colours and styles varying depending on the branding of each band. For example, you could have a table which is Beatles themed, with bright colours to give off a “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band” vibe. You could then also leave wigs on the table so that your guests can have some fun doing their best impressions of the fab four!

Dog Breeds

As a nation of dog lovers, most of your guests will enjoy a table plan based on the different breeds of man’s best friend! A great way to customize each table is by finding your favourite pooch pictures to be placed in the middle. You could also give your guests small goodie bags with gifts following the theme of the dog breeds.

Different Eras

One fun table theme which we love is the idea of having each table based on a different era. A great way to implement this theme is by placing newspapers from the different eras on the tables with articles from famous events of that time. A WW2 themed table could include newspapers from the day Britain won the war. Whilst a 1960’s themed table could include the headlines from when England won the world cup!


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