Acorn Hog Roast

Month: November 2018

How We Can Add Flavour to your Christmas Celebrations

With Christmas fast approaching, we are already getting into the festive spirit and can’t wait for the day to come! At this time of year, we are all passionate about food and who doesn’t look forward to their Christmas dinner! Whilst Christmas dinner is always going to be the main meal of this season, we can bring a whole new flavour to the occasion with our amazing hog roast! In this blog we are going to be telling you exactly how our hog roast could make for a perfect Christmas time meal.

Warm Food on a cold Day

For many families across the country it is tradition to visit family on boxing day and enjoy a meal. It can be more than disappointing if it’s a chilly day and you realise that the only snacks on offer are cold ones. We could help make this a day that offers as much flavour as any special occasion deserves! Just imagine being all wrapped up in the cold weather and tucking into the a warm, succulent pulled pork sandwich. The addition of gravy will ensure this tasty treat is one that you will never forget.

Enough for Everyone

When you have family and friends round for a meal, the logistics can be difficult. As you will have probably found out in previous years, sharing small portions can cause problems! Luckily, with our catering service there will be more than enough for everybody. We will be there to carve tender cuts of meat from our hog roast so that portions are equal and all of your guests will be able to leave both happy and with a full stomach!


Is any festive meal really complete without the offering of a delicious dessert after the main course? We have an incredibly varied desert menu so that you decide on the option which you know will delight your guests. We can offer amazing deserts such as Strawberry Gateux, Chocolate Cheesecake, Apple Pie and much more. You also have the extra option of requesting a special desert! If we don’t usually offer something that you specifically would love for your event, we are always happy to go the extra mile to meet your wishes!


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