Acorn Hog Roast

Month: September 2018

Throw a Birthday Party to be Remembered

When celebrating the birthday of a friend or family member, you always want to make it an occasion that will top every birthday party they have had previously. It can be easy to go down the cliché route and end up throwing a stereotypical party but where is the fun in that! In this blog we are going to be sharing our ideas for throwing a Birthday party that every guest there will never forget!


Favourite records

Music tends to play a huge part in most people’s lives and throughout the years a large range of songs will have created memories that have lasted a lifetime for anyone. Why not pick a playlist that is full of the person who is celebrating’s all-time favourite songs. If particular songs carry memories, it is a great idea to have pictures of these memories projected onto a wall or shown on a large screen. This is bound to ensure a nostalgic atmosphere.

Life events

Following on nicely from the previous idea, we have another brilliant idea that will bring back even more memories. Whether your celebrant has been on the planet for 8 years or 80 years, there will be a lot of things that have happened in their lifetime. If you do some research into major events within their lifetime, you will easily find front pages of newspapers containing stories. You could print out these newspaper front pages and decorate the room with them to create a quirky theme which will both be a huge conversation starter and look great!

Wii games console

While music and dancing are likely to be the main points of your party, another addition that could make for real fun would be a Wii games console. If you have children in attendance, it usually wouldn’t take long before they start to complain about being bored. You will be able to avoid that happening with this idea as they will love spending hours on the Wii. Also, it’s important to remember that it’s not just the children who will enjoy playing on the Wii. People can take turns enjoying a game of tennis, bowling, baseball or any of the many other games this brilliant console has to offer.


Any Birthday party is incomplete without a great food option for guests. Acorn Hog Roast can ensure no guests will go hungry with our amazing events catering service. We can provide a quick and tasty snack in the form of hog roast sandwiches, which work logistically well for an event like this and also taste delicious! Once guests have enjoyed the unique experience of our hog rog roast, they will be more than ready to dance the rest of the night away!


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