Acorn Hog Roast

Month: July 2018

Our Guide to Hosting Your Own Mini Festival

We are right in the middle of the summer music festival season and people are travelling across the country to attend huge events. While attending a large festival can be an amazing experience, it’s not for everyone, especially with the combination of mud and thousands of people. A perfect alternative could be holding your own mini festival within the familiar surroundings of your own back garden! If you have a fairly large space available and a group of enthusiastic friends, you have the main ingredients to start planning your festival.

The first step in making your festival a success is of course the main attraction, the music! A low cost, easy way of having great music throughout the day is to have an acoustic theme. All you will need is a PA system and a number of acts who can play a range of well-known covers to entertain your guests. There are young and ambitious acts across the North East who would be more than happy to take the opportunity to play your event, so spread the word about it on social media!

While we are on the subject of social media, it is important to remember that your event will struggle to attract people if it isn’t advertised well! You should set up a Facebook page for your event, then start to post about it well in advance to build up a real sense of excitement among the local community. As the event approaches, you could even make your own posters and ask shop owners in the area for permission to put them up in their windows. This is a great old-fashioned way of making people more aware of your festival.

While the main focus of your festival will be the music, any all-day event needs a good catering option so that attendees don’t end up getting hungry. A perfect option would be Acorn Hog Roast’s first-class event catering service. We can provide your guests with a tasty snack in the form of our Delicious hog roast. After enjoying the taste of our hog roast, your attendees will be desperate to know when next year’s festival is so that they can relive the experience all over again!

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