Acorn Hog Roast

Month: June 2018

Hold your own royal wedding with our help.

We absolutely loved the royal wedding, with it’s incredible diversity, it was an occasion to remember! After watching the wedding unfold, it made us think, why can’t everyone’s wedding be as amazing as this one was! We decided to share our thoughts,on how you make your wedding fit for royalty on a budget!

The first important step in making your wedding a truly royal occasion, is to work on ensuring your special day oozes class throughout. Meghan Markle was a perfect example of how there is no need to go overboard with the dress. By keeping your choice of dress simple, along with hair and makeup, you can make a much classier statement. The same goes for the groom, keep it low key!

Our second tip would be to take inspiration from Harry and Meghan’s day and incorporate different cultural influences. You could for example, have a variety of retro music that mixes classical British music, with Latin or African American music from days gone by. One of our favourite moments from the day was the tear jerking gospel choir. Why not hire your own gospel choir or singer, to give people goose bumps and keep the romantic vibes flowing!

A key to any wedding reception, is the catering! This is where you could really go with the royal tradition of using British food only. We pride ourselves on our use of British produce, so why not allow us to give that patriotic touch to your day! Your guests will get a real taste of Britain with our delicious hog roast, which is locally sourced by an independent butcher and roasted six hours before the event to ensure the meat is extra tender and produces crispy crackling. You could then accompany our succulent meat, with roast potatoes and gravy, to add the extra touch of British tradition.

When it comes to dessert, a fitting royal tribute would be to pay homage to one of our greatest ever monarchs, with a Victoria Sponge cake. This classic sweet treat was actually one of Queen Victoria’s favourite snacks, which she would often enjoy with her afternoon tea. With these simple yet quintessentially British main and desert dishes, even the most awkward of guests are bound to enjoy their meal!

For more information on how we could provide you with our first class catering services on your special day, visit or give us a call on 07513 919166.