Acorn Hog Roast

Month: April 2018

The benefits of holding your event outdoors

We cover a huge range of events across the North East, and the summer time is a particularly busy time of year for us. During the summer, we provide our catering services to a lot of events which are held outdoors. For multiple reasons, an outdoor event can be much more appealing to your guests. In this blog, we are going to be discussing some of the various reasons for holding your event outside this summer!


Whether you are holding a huge event like a wedding, or a small family gathering, space is a main factor in ensuring your event goes swimmingly. At any event, you can often find children running around and playing. By having a large outdoor space, the kids have plenty of area to be kids! With this extra space, you are also able to have your guests spread out and even leave room for a catering area. This could be where we are situated, supplying your guests with our famous hog roast! Another use of space could be for entertainment purposes. There is a huge range of entertainment ideas that would require a large area. Whether it be, a stage for bands or an outdoor cinema, having the option of holding your entertainment outdoors gives you so many more choices!


During the rest of the year, when it is rainy and cold, we can understand why you may want to stay in the warmth… but when it’s those few months where we get our supply of sunshine for the year, it would seem a shame to waste it! Who wants to be stuck inside, feeling hot and bothered, when they could be in the fresh air, enjoying the weather in all its glory. Hold your event outdoors and ensure your guests can fell the benefits of the sun and not the negatives!


It is a well known fact that we all just happen to love food! So, whatever type of event you are holding, people are going to get hungry, and starved guests is not going to make for a good atmosphere! Having an event in a confined space, could make it difficult if you are trying to feed a large number of guests, as people need plenty of room to eat. The choice of food at your event is vital, to keeping your guests happy. With the event catering services of Acorn Hog Roast, everyone will have the pleasure of tasting our amazing hog roast, along with a number of different alternative dishes and desserts. We are have a wealth of experience in the events sector and know exactly how to please event goers. After enjoying the experience of our catering, your guests will be left delighted and will have seen your event as a roaring success!


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